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Wordpress Plugin

Easily install the Donate Button on your website using your CMS

  • Use the WordPress Plugin on your website to activate the Donate Button by GoFundMe
  • Customize the donate button and form with your logo, colors, and preset amounts

GoFundMe Charity Button Editor

Get the most out of your Donate Button with GofundMe Charity

  • Create a new Donate Button in your GoFundMe Charity account
  • Watch your donate form come to life in real-time as you design using our easy live-preview editor. Configuration is easy and you might even have a little fun
  • Copy and paste the button to any website and start collecting donations instantly. It’s that simple

The most powerful
donations solution

  • The most powerful fundraising solution
  • One-time and recurring donations
  • Automated receipts
  • Branded to fit any website
  • Customized for your audience and their giving preferences

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GoFundMe Charity for maximum impact

Looking for more advanced settings for your Donate Button? Get started with GoFundMe Charity to access deeper customization and powerful reporting and fundraising functionality.

GoFundMe Charity Wordpress Plugin
GoFundMe Charity Button Editor
Create Widgets
Custom Gift Frequency
Custom Donation Amounts
Custom Logo
Custom Colors
Custom Donation Step Headlines
Custom Post Donation Page
Support for Anonymous Donations
Support for Donor Comments
Manage Existing Widgets
White Label Experience
Custom Donation Receipts
Payment Processor Selection
Pricing and Plan Selection
Access to Reporting
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Fundraising Features

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PCI Level 1 and SSL compliant, best-in-class payment processing

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Unrestricted access to enriched donor data and analytics in your Report Center

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Flexible and configurable for any website, appeal or campaign

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Customize your button and start collecting donations within minutes

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